Learning Outcome Class 1 English Subject


In this post, We Give you Some Learning Outcomes of Class 1st, Which are related to English Subject

Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes

Suggested Pedagogical Processes


The learner may be provided opportunities in pairs/groups/ individually and encouraged to:

  • • name common objects such as man, dog etc. when pictures are shown
  • • use familiar and simple words (‘bat’, ‘pen’,’cat’) as examples to reproduce the starting sound and letter (/b/, /p/, /k/ etc)
  • • develop phonemic awareness through activities focusing on different sounds, emerging from the words in stories and texts.
  • • sing or recite collectively songs or poems or rhymes with actions.
  • • listen to stories, and humorous incidents and interact in English/home language.
  • • ask simple questions like names of characters from the story, incidents that he/she likes in the story, etc. (Ensure clear lip movement for children with hearing impairment to lip read.)
  • • draw/scribble pictures and images from the story as preliminary to writing
  • • respond in home language or English or sign language or non – verbal expressions what he/she has understood in the story or poem
  • • listens to instructions and draws a picture
  • • use greetings like “Good morning”, “Thank you” and have polite conversations in English such as “what is your name ?”, “how are you ?” etc.
  • • say 2-3 sentences describing familiar objects and places such as family photographs, shops, parks etc.
  • • give examples of common blend sounds in words like ‘brick’, ‘brother’, ‘frog’, ‘friend’ etc.

The learner:

  • LE101. associates words with pictures.
  • LE102. names familiar objects seen in the pictures.
  • LE103. recognizes letters and their sounds A – Z
  • LE104. differentiates between small and capital letters in print/Braille
  • LE105. recites poems/rhymes with actions.
  • LE106. draws/scribbles in response to poems and stories.
  • LE107. responds orally (in any language including sign language) to comprehension questions related to stories/poems
  • LE108. identifies characters and sequence of a story and asks questions about the story.
  • LE109. carries out simple instructions such as ‘Shut the door’, ‘Bring me the book’, and such others.
  • LE110. listens to English words, greetings, polite forms of expression, simple sentences, and responds in English or the home language or ‘signing’ (using sign language)
  • LE111. listens to instructions and draws a picture
  • LE112. talks about self /situations/ pictures in English
  • LE113. uses nouns such as ‘boy’, ‘sun’, and prepositions like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under, etc.
  • LE114. produces words with common blends like “br” “fr” like ‘brother’, frog’ etc.
  • LE115. writes simple words like fan, hen, rat etc.

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