Edudepart- A Portal of Education News and Orders

What is Edudepart- It’s No.1 Education Website

What is Edudepart

What is Edudepart-  A Portal of Education News and Orders

A question comes in our mind that What is Edudepart ? So, we give you answers , Edudepart is a web portal of education News where you are informed about the decisions, news, important orders, and instructions taken by the Education Department..

Education news is important within a school for many reasons. Mainly informing the teacher about the events that are around them and may affect them. Often news is for entertainment purposes, but our aim is to bring every news related to the education department to you so that you can not only benefit but also implement them.

From time to time orders are received from various education websites, they either do not reach us on time or we are not able to know, in such a situation Edudepart will help you to a great extent.
Hope you will benefit by joining us with this hope. ..

समाचार व आदेशआकलन एवं मूल्यांकन
शाला संबंधी आदेशप्रेरक शिक्षक
शैक्षणिक कैलेण्डरशाला संबंधी महत्वपूर्ण लिंक
शैक्षिक परिपत्रसीखने के प्रतिफल /लर्निंग आउटकम
शासकीय अवकाशसम्पर्क / Feedback
शैक्षिक पत्रिकाआपसी ट्रान्सफर हेतु लिस्ट व पंजीयन
शैक्षिक योजनाएं स्कूल में गाये जाने वाले गीत 

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